Richard Ramirez “See You In Hell” T-Shirt

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Richard Ramirez “See You In Hell” T-Shirt
Richard Ramirez “See You In Hell” T-Shirt
Richard Ramirez “See You In Hell” T-Shirt

Richard Ramirez, also known as “The Night Stalker” was a California Serial Killer who’s crimes ranged from murder, torture, burglary and sexual assault. Ramirez was responsible for 16 murders and attempted several more, over a period of just 14 months.  
  Those 14 months seemed like years to the residents of Los Angeles, who were in a state of panic over the serial killer on the loose, who would prowl the night. Sales in guns, locks and window bars sky rocketed in the area, and the police force was working around the clock to catch him. One of Ramirez’ surviving victims was able to give a detailed description of him, and his sketch was published in every newspaper in SoCal, which eventually led to his arrest. After his arrest, Richard Ramirez was convicted of all charges, including 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries. During the trial, Ramirez drew a pentagram and 666 into his palm, and would flash it around the court room, yelling “Hail Satan!” He would also maniacally laugh as the crimes were being described by the prosecutors. He was sentenced to death by gas chamber, and imprisoned to wait out the rest of his days. When asked about his feelings regarding receiving the death penalty, Ramirez responded with, “Hey big deal. Death always comes with the territory. I’ll see you in Disneyland.”

The Richard Ramirez “See You in Hell” t shirts are printed on high quality, super soft 100% cotton unisex tees. We use a soft discharge ink that won’t crack or fade over time. Available in sizes XS-3XL. Bigger sizes available upon request. 

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