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The Zodiac “No Face, No Case” T-Shirts

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The Zodiac “No Face, No Case” T-Shirts
The Zodiac “No Face, No Case” T-Shirts
The Zodiac “No Face, No Case” T-Shirts
The Zodiac “No Face, No Case” T-Shirts

True Crime Collective presents, the Zodiac killer collab with our good friends at Hood Status. 

These t shirts are professionally screen printed on high quality, super soft 100% cotton shirts using a discharge based ink that doesn’t crack or fade over time! 

  The Zodiac Killer. Without a doubt one of America’s most infamous unsolved serial murder cases, and a story so bizarre, so terrifying and so baffling, it leaves us to only speculate who could have possibly committed these atrocities.
 The Zodiac killer was active during the 1960s and 70s, and is responsible for at least 5 murders in the San Francisco area. His targets were often couples in secluded areas. His first two known victims were shot to death in their parked car in 1968, and after his second attack on another couple in 1969, which resulted in the death of the female victim, he phoned the local police to alert them of the crime, and also admitted to the 1968 murder. Later that same year, the Zodiac attacked another couple, but once again the male survived and the woman did not. His last known victim was a taxi driver who was shot in October of 69. Although this was the last known murder, it was not the last time the Zodiac was heard from…
  From the time of his original call to authorities after the 1969 murder, the Zodiac maintained correspondence with the police and media, sending taunting letters and even making phone calls. His letters which were sent from 1969-1974, were all signed with a symbol resembling the crosshairs of a gun, and often started with “This is the Zodiac speaking.” Among these letters were four cyphers in which he used coded symbols and challenged the authorities and media to crack them to find out his hidden messages and identity.  
 The identity of the Zodiac killer has never been solved, and likely never will be due to a lack of physical evidence. No face, no case…


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