Mothman T-Shirt

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Mothman T-Shirt
Mothman T-Shirt
Mothman T-Shirt
Mothman T-Shirt

 Mothman tees are available now! This variation includes a left chest print of our official Cryptid Collective logo, and a large full back print of our original Mothman design. These tees are professionally screen printed on high quality 100% cotton unisex t-shirts, using a soft discharge ink that doesn’t crack or fade over time. Available in sizes XS-3XL.


  In November of 1966, in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, two young couples fled the local woods, claiming they’d seen a terrifying creature. They reported that the entity was about 6-7 feet tall, looked human in figure, and had 10-foot wings and glowing red eyes.

  According to the witnesses, the winged creature could fly at incredible speed, as it chased their car doing nearly 100mph to the outskirts of town before disappearing into a nearby field. Eight more sightings were reported in the week that followed the initial sighting.

  Some people theorize that what these witnesses were seeing was merely a Sand Hill Crane, which is native to the area and stands almost as tall as an average man, and has bright red flesh around its eyes. Some even think that since many sightings took place at the local “TNT area” — a name that locals gave to a series of nearby bunkers that were once used for manufacturing munitions during World War II, that this crane could have been deformed from exposure to this area. It has been suggested that these bunkers have leaked toxic materials into the neighboring wildlife preserve, possibly affecting nearby animals.

  Frequent sightings of the Mothman continued right up until major tragedy struck the town of Point Pleasant, when on December 15, 1967, just over a year after the first sighting, the Silver Bridge on the Ohio River collapsed. The collapse of the Silver Bridge resulted in 46 deaths, either by drowning or being crushed by pieces of the wreckage.

  After the Silver Bridge tragedy, the Mothman sightings ended as quickly as they started, and it would be years and years before another reported sighting. Many believe that the Mothman is an omen of tragedy to come, others believe he is a harbinger of death, and some even believe he could be an extraterrestrial being. No matter what you believe, the legend of the Mothman will live on forever.

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